Is Kyrgyzstan a good choice for MBBS?

Medical is a very good profession. Every one respect that profession but I'll say that Kyrgyzstan is the worst country for medical Study because most of medical Universities are operated by Indian or Pakistani peoples that's so strange even if someone graduated from these universities (private) the degree is not valid in Kyrgyzstan so interesting. Only international students are coming from India and Pakistan. You'll not see students from other countries. Universities which are just money Machines are Adam University, International Medical University, Avicenna University, Asian Medical Institute and some other. They don't have appropriate standard to call as a medical school. How could they provide normal medical education to students. Bribe is very common in these private universities. Just give money and pass subjects. Standard is worse than poor. I'll recommend every future medical student who wants to complete his medical education from abroad better options are Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. Just stay away from Kyrgyzstan. It's better for your future. Private Kyrgyz medical Universities are just waste of time and money. Private universities in Kyrgyzstan are charging the same amount of fee as compared to other all Slavic countries ( Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan etc). Before entering any medical school just check the acceptance of medical degree to the rest of world that how much countries accept the degree without any license exam or license exam exempted. How much credit hours that degree contains and many more important points you'll come to know after searching wisely. Good luck Thank you.

Dr Bajvouh Oksam, M.D Medicine and Healthcare, University of Debrecen