Is it worth studying MBBS in China?

Irony here is that I could hardly find anyone answering this question who himself/herself has not studied ANYTHING in China, leave alone studying MBBS.

As a matter of fact, I have been studying MBBS in China and I am a few months away from graduating out of medical school. So considering the ≈half-decade long experience I have had in a China medical University, you might wanna learn about my point of view.

I have been studying MBBS from Jilin University in China which hails from the province that has the same name as of this city, which is Jilin province.

There are many speculations revolving around the idea of doing MBBS abroad and even I cannot comment on the general idea of an MBBS from abroad. But I duly support pursuing MBBS from China and you as an Indian student will be encouraged to study an MBBS here by going through my experience.

So far as I have pursued my MBBS from Jilin University in China, I am quite satisfied with the quality of education since it is a world ranked University. The administration in association with faculties here cater to the needs of the student especially those having come from foreign lands. As a result, the mode of instruction for us here is English so language is not a barrier here. Only that you must learn a bit of a mandarin in order to interact better with the patients during the hospital postings. As a matter of fact, an internship here in China is also valid in India.

Chetan Shrivastava, MBBS Medical Sciences, Jilin Medical College (2021)