Is it worth studying an MBBS in Ukraine? Which are their top 5 universities for an MBBS?

One of the best international destinations for Indian students to study MBBS is Ukraine. 16 universities are listed under MCI and 36 universities listed under WDOMS. Doing MBBS from Ukraine is safe & economical as it offers low-cost medical colleges with quality education. Student can easily get admission and pursue their MBBS in top universities located in Ukraine. An approximate budget of 27- 30 lacs INR is required to study medical and to cover the expenses of whole 6 years.

Ukraine is another destination which is becoming quite popular among MBBS aspirants across the world. The medical colleges of Ukraine offer the best value in terms of curriculum, infrastructure and costs to students. The requirements for MBBS admission in Ukraine are very simple, you just need to qualify the NEET test. Government medical universities in Ukraine are offering MBBS at a very reasonable price compared to countries like China, Russia, etc.

MD Aarish, Asst. Manager Admissions at Book My University (2018-present)