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Is it worth studing MBBS from China or any other country?

My answers might hurt some consultants and agents across India who send students to China to fulfill dreams of pursuing MBBS but you cannot run away from the truth. Studying MBBS from China is just a waste of time, effort and money. 6 long years will just teach you how to cook food, learn and speak basic chinese and make you good at how to kill time. Falling in Love fast and Breaking up even faster will be a part of it. Guys will become familiar with all brands of Cigarettes and Beer brand names. Thank Goodness Drugs haven't been a part. Coming to classes and lectures, all the classes provide just PPT's. Professors there don't even know proper English. Practicals and Clinicals are OK but not at par with the Indian standards. Rotations are just a piece of S***! No translators to help International students with the local language. Once the course is finished most of the Students struggle to clear the FMGE licence exam conducted by MCI. They invest a year or two at DAMS, Bhatia's etc to clear FMGE. So 6 yrs + 2 yrs = 8 yrs totally to practice medicine in India. China, Russia will just give you just “Degrees” but not “Clinical Skills”. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED. Save TIME & MONEY by opting other options.

Karthik, former Registrar at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (2013-2016)

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