Is it tough to get a job in India after studying for an MBBS abroad?

Yes it is. In fact it is as tough for an MBBS Abroad grad to get a job in India as it is for someone who has done MBBS from India itself. Why so? Because both of them will have to undergo the same licensing test to gain eligibility to practice in India which is NExT.

With the advent of NExT, the options of MBBS in Ukraine and MBBS from Russia are growing massive popularity due to the affordable Ukraine MBBS fee structure, easy-to-get MBBS colleges in Russia, MCI and ECFMG certified MBBS universities in Russia, etc.

There has been a surge in demand of MBBS colleges in Ukraine and MBBS colleges in Russia due to these awesome facilities.

The Ukraine MBBS colleges and MBBS college in Russia we have are MCI Approved and teach wholly in English. Find the URLs in the description of my profile to know more.

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