Is it good to study for an MBBS at Zaporozhye State Medical University in Ukraine?

In much the same way the parents of 33 Indian students worried, when the latter decided to obtain medical education at ZSMU and arrived in Zaporizhya. Our University has a high reputation in the Republic of India, especially at the places, where our graduates work as doctors. Moreover, many former graduates bring their children to study at the university. For some Indian family’s this is a good reason to visit the city of their youth .Such exciting moments have recently been experienced by the parents of students who have started studying at the ZSMU in the current academic year. They came to our University from far-away India to get acquainted with their children's studying and living conditions, even to make sure whether Ukraine and ZSMU are as good as they were told about it. The results surpassed all their expectations: the Indian guests were friendly welcomed and shown all the buildings where they children study, live and rest. The parents were pleasantly impressed by the fact how in what a warm and peaceful environment their children spend time in addition to acquiring an excellent knowledge.The guests assured that the student camp was an absolute security zone.

Loko Immigration, lives in Madhapur, Hyderabad