Is it a good option to study abroad for an MBBS?

  • Best option: Acquire an MBBS degree from a government medical college in India. Of course, you need to study hard and get an amazing rank in NEET!

  • 2nd best option: If you get into a not-so-good private medical college in India under merit, take up that seat. Utilise your academic years to study really well and do your internship in a district/government hospital. It would make sure that your skills remain top notch despite graduating from a shitty college!

  • If MCQs aren't your forte, but you still wish to do MBBS from India, you can take up a paid seat in any of the private colleges in India. This is going to be a really expensive business! (Personal advice: only choose this option if you are extremely rich and doesn't mind blowing few crores on education. If you're a normal person like the rest of us, don't follow the path of taking loans or selling family property for buying an MBBS seat. Deposit those crores in a good bank and the interest you earn over it will be much higher than the average salary of a doctor. It really ain't worth wasting your parents' money!)

  • If India is not an option for you: study abroad from one of the cheaper countries for MBBS like China, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Carribean islands etc, come back to India, clear MCI/NEXT Exam, acquire license to practice in India, Do a senior house surgency/ PG in India. (Note: Disclaimer: This is not an insult to any IMGs/FMGs. But the standard of education might not be on par with India (if you end up choosing a bad college without proper research), this might affect your quality as a doctor. Doctors who did MBBS from outside are considered as less qualified than those who studied in India (even if it is farther from the truth, this is a bias that exists, you might have to deal with this bias from patient and colleagues)

  • If you wish to settle abroad:

  • Study in a country where you want to settle down in. If you wish to practice in US, UK, AUS, NZ, canada, Germany, Singapore etc, an MBBS/ MD from India is not valid as it is. You'd have to give a multitude of licensing exams and jump through a lot of hoops, so it'd be easier if you start your UG in these countries itself. PG from India is not accepted by western countries, so you'd have to do your residency from these countries to become eligible to practice as specialist in those countries - spots for which are hard to come by.

  • If you study in one of the European countries which is a member of European Union, you'd be able to practice and pursue your PG in almost all the Schengen countries with ease.

  • Middle East: if you want to practice medicine in the ME, it's better to complete your UG and PG from India/ western country. You'll be paid really well there provided you clear all the necessary exams.

Sharanya Mullassery, studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at KUHS-Kerala University of Health Sciences