Is doing an MBBS from Russia or Ukraine worth it? What is the actual scenario there for Indian

No matter what I write here, there will also be some people who think that MBBS abroad is not a good option.

But here I am sharing my point of view about MBBS abroad and will share all possible differences between MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine.

The education system of Russia and Ukraine are very similar and there are hardly any differences between them.

The teaching pattern and the examination pattern in Russia and Ukraine are similar wherein students get their final marks based on their daily classes and semester exams.

Most of the medical universities of Ukraine and Russia have Indian mess for students and all the medical universities have hostels will all the necessary facilities.

All the medical universities in Russia and Ukraine are globally recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), General Medical Council (GMC), National Medical Commission (NMC) and many other International boards so students graduated from Russia and Ukraine can practice medicine or study their specialization in any country of the world.

All the medical universities in Russia and Ukraine offer the medical education at an affordable price and you can complete your MBBS in approximately 25 lakhs to 35Lakhs in 6 years.

Anuj Goyal, Co-founder(Get My University)