Is a Chinese university MBBS better than an Indian university MBBS?

Alright so first things first, anyone who has answered to this question has not himself/herself done an MBBS from China. So it’d be better if I, who has been studying MBBS in China give views on how it is to study medicine in China.

I began my medical studies at Shandong University in Jinin City of Shandong province in 2K17. I approached a consultancy for the purpose of getting admitted. On a side note, if you were to take admission to an MBBS abroad university anytime, be sure to contact a consultancy and don’t rely on agents. I have heard many instances of students getting conned in the name of abroad education and it is due to such guys that the image of abroad studies for MBBS gets tarnished.

Wridesh Sahay, MBBS Medicine and Healthcare, Shandong University (2023)