I want to pursue my MBBS from abroad this year. Which will be better?

Mostly everyone will sell you their packages and try to take you to the college they know is the most profitable for them

In my opinion you should do your research yourself first because studying abroad is the 2nd thing first you'll need to get there avoiding fraudsters which is more difficult

Also so many people have given so called pros and cons so I won't go into those , you are wise enough to chose yourself but beware of all the expenses and if your family can handle them , don't get in a situation you are stuck with a lot of money gone and nothing in your hands

Also if you are not very profecient in a language u can not study in it be it russian or ukrainian or german (don't believe me? Try doing any paper in hindi or your own native language) we were always taught in english we have adapted to that so I say you should always prefer a English course

I am currently in lviv, Ukraine in 2 nd year , do your own research talk to students of the university you want to go to rather than agents and when you see everything, choose wisely, I did and I don't regret my decision if you don't you might

And in the end I'll say best of luck with whatever you choose and you can ask me anything you want to in comments if you like :)

Utkarsh Aggarwal, Bachelor of medicine from Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University