I qualified for the NEET and getting a government college in India, but I still want to go to Russia

I don’t mean to generalise, but the level of medical education in Russia, Ukraine is sort of sub standard. A college is also about alumni network. In indian govt Medical College, you'll get students with high scores in NEET (580+). Whereas in foreign universities (like in Russia), anybody with 120 marks can go and study mbbs. Not to mention, you have to clear FMGE exam to practise here in India, after graduating from there. Also, Govt college fee are negligible, why waste 20–30 lakhs in Russia? Just throw it in bank, make an FD, and enjoy 18k a month as pocket money :p

If you're getting govt medical college in india, then join it without any second thought. If not then you can think of moving abroad as the fee is quite low.