I am thinking about doing an MBBS in Russia or China. Which one is better?

I'm an MBBS student too in Crimea federal university, Russia so I'll be suggesting you Russia over China . I'll give you reasons so as why I saying so.

  • Method of education

Russia being near Europe follows European curriculum of credit system whereas China has it's own system . Now , the system of curriculum matters alot as if you want to study or settle in European countries , you will be a step ahead then Chinese degree when you sit for the PLAB exam (UK) or other country specufic test

  • Language

Even though if you get a college which is complete English medium , you still should learn the local/ native language for meeting patients during clinicals (though it's not 100% necessary but if you learn the language you yourself can freely communicate with the patients and that's a plus point) , for travelling purpose , to go to mall or getting to know the culture and people around.

  • MCI clearing rate

Russia has higher MCI’s FGME test clearing rate than China .(My university ,Crimean Federal university has highest clearing rate in Russia

  • Observership programme

  • Fee and students

Bhushan Singh, Student at Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees (2017-present)