How to Find Ratings of Medical Schools

Needless to say, we live in a society that is completely obsessed with rankings. In this day and age, when almost every institution is ranked in some way, medical schools are no exception. In the U.S., medical schools are ranked based on each school’s primary care and research programs. So you must understand that there is no such thing as the one top-ranked medical school in the country, and the reason is, it depends on what you are in search of.

Medical schools are also ranked by specialty. Therefore, if you want to focus on certain aspects of medicine such as family medicine, rural medicine, internal medicine, women’s issues, then you need to consider medical schools that are ranked well in these areas respectively. Basically, there are three different kinds of ranking to take into consideration: specialty-oriented medical school ranking, research-oriented medical school rankings, clinically-oriented medical school rankings. But the most important question is where will you find the ratings of medical schools?

When considering International Medical Schools, one must also factor things such as USMLE pass rates, attrition rates, location, residency match rates, number of graduate practicing physicians, and recognition by the desired States Medical Boards.

When you are preparing to apply to medical schools, you are juggling with so many things simultaneously that it becomes difficult to keep tabs on everything: MCAT, application deadlines, completion of undergraduate studies, the ratings of medical schools, etc. You need one resource where you can find all the important information about the top national and international medical schools.

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