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How much would I need to save up if I want to go backpacking in Europe?

Europe seemed pretty expensive to me since I am an Indian and was converting just about every dam thing into Rupees. DO NOT DO THIS!!

We went on our Honeymoon for a 14 day trip across various cities in Europe. We had covered Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Amalfi Coast and Pisa. We booked the trip through one of the agents from Travel Triangle. And I must say we got a really good deal. It cost us around 4Lacs for 2 people including all the shopping and stuff.

The time of your visit also plays an important part, we went in December. It was very cold so probably not the best season to travel.

The food is a tricky situation if you are a vegetarian. You would not want to touch bread after a few days. You can take some ready to eat snacks from India like we did to manage days when you really cant eat bread. You will find a lot of Indian restaurants, however they are on an expensive side. Pizza is always there for rescue!

Prerna Bansal, worked at Persistent Systems

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