How much does it cost to visit Russia from India?

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I currently stay in Russia and I keep traveling from India to Russia twice a year.

I think I can answer your question more specifically as I always try to come to Russia via different routes.

Russia is a big country and the cheapest way to travel to Russia is to locate which part of Russia you actually want to visit.

I will share my 3 best experiences till now which include different routes and hence costs are quite different.


I traveled to Moscow when I visited Russia for the first time and I think this route is the most expensive route to take.

AIRFARE - The Airfare cost was approximately 50,000 India Rupee.

I would suggest everyone who travels for the first time to Russia to carry some Russian Rubles in cash with them as many times the forex card or the global debit card doesn’t work at the airports.

I had some extra baggage with me and luckily, I had cash with me so I could pay directly without any problem.

Many of my fellow travelers missed their flight because of the payment problem.

STAY AT THE HOTEL - If you want to stay in 3* hotels in the main city then it's really expensive. I stayed in a simple cottage near to the airport as it was quite cheap than other hotels in the main city.

I paid 2000 rubles per night, whereas those in the main city costs 3000–5000 rubles per night.

Breakfast is free of cost in most of the hotels in Russia. And the breakfast provided is quite delicious and can be eaten by Indians. You can choose the veg and non-veg options.

TAXI FARE - Taxis in Moscow are also expensive. For a distance of 1km or even less, they charge up to 250 to 300 rubles.

So it is convenient to take public transports as they are easily available throughout the city and are cheap.

TOURS & SIGHTSEEING - The best sightseeing in Moscow cost approximately 2000 rubles. I would recommend those visiting for the first time and do not know much Russian language to take guidance from tour service. They charge a bit more but guide and help throughout the journey.

ADVENTURES - If you are interested in adventures and big tours in the nearby cities of Moscow then it will cost from 10,000 rubles to 30,000 rubles peradventure.

FOOD - Food is not that expensive, it is quite affordable. KFC, BURGER KING, McD, and several other food courts are available which is eatable to Indians.

There are several Indian restaurants in Moscow but they are very expensive and the quantity they give in the main course is like starters for Indians.


This is one of the most affordable route for Indians. And one benefit is that you can also visit Uzbekistan while traveling to Russia.

Uzbekistan is a very friendly country and many Uzbeks know English which makes travelers easy to communicate and take a tour in the city.

Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia - Those looking to visit the Siberian region of Russia can visit this beautiful city.

AIRFARE - The Airfare doesn't cost much, it is approximately 35,000 Indian rupees for the round trip.

STAY AT THE HOTEL - The best hotel charges are 2000–3000 rubles per night and the cost of the simple rooms are somewhere between 800–1500 rubles per night.

As I said earlier, breakfast is free of cost in many hotels in Russia.

TAXI FARE - Cost of Taxis in Siberia differ with the seasons. In winter they go up to 200 rubles for a km distance whereas in summers it is 90 to 120 rubles.

Public transports are available all over Russia so, you can take any of them that are cheaper.

CITY TOUR - You can take the whole city tour at the cost of approximately 10,000 to 15,000 rubles.

There are many places for sightseeing and the weather in Siberia is joyful so I recommend you to visit this place once.

FOOD - Food is cheaper than Moscow. There are many food courts available like KFC, Burger King, etc. If you want to try typical Russian cuisine then many Stalovayas (canteens) are there in the city and I would recommend you to try once. They are cheap and delicious.


I found Air Astana the cheapest and best flight to date for traveling to Russia.

Also, you can visit Astana while traveling to Russia. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. And it is a beautiful city, you can see this beautiful view even from the airport.

Barnaul comes under the state Altai Krai, one of the biggest states of Russia. It is known for its business, education, and also cold weather.\

AIRFARE - Air Astana round trip costs approximately 27,000 Indian rupees. I was really surprised, rather shocked as this is really cheap.

And the service they give is the best. They have unlimited breakfast in the small duration flights and meal + unlimited soft or hot drinks in the long flights.

They provide you with all the facilities on all their flights be it domestic or international.

STAY AT THE HOTEL - They hotel prices are somewhat similar to Novosibirsk. The 3* hotel cost 2000 to 3000 rubles per night and the hotel with small but neat and tidy rooms cost between 800 to 1200 rubles per night.

People are friendly and breakfast is free of cost in most of the hotels.

TAXI - Taxi price differs according to the seasons. In winter it is approximately 200 to 250 rubles for a km distance whereas in summers it is somewhat to 60 to 100 rubles.

Tramps, Buses are available throughout the city and cost only 23 rubles. You can take the city tour in just 23 rubles which is really very cheap and is the same for all weather.

CITY TOUR - You can take the city tour without any guide as people in Barnaul are very friendly. They try their best to help you even if they don’t know English. You can keep a budget of 5000 to 10,000 rubles for the city tour.

FOOD - Many food courts are available and Russian canteens are also there if you wish to try Russian cuisine.

There are 1 or 2 Indian restaurants in this city but are expensive so I won’t recommend them.


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