How is the new AIIMS (established in 2012) doing in 2019? Are they worth joining?

I will give you the AIIMS Bhubaneswar scenerio and you can extrapolate it's to other AIIMS

  1. Students are doing fine pursuing their love for medicine and following their hobbies sideways.

  2. Faculties are doing well in their career and research. They are getting lakhs of funding for their projects both by college as well as external agencies. Many go abroad to hone their skills those keeping themselves updated.

  3. Rare procedures, treatment, surgeries are being performed by various departments.

  4. Treating patients from various regions all over country including International patients:

  5. Ranking high in tables by various agencies except NIRF :

Hrishikesh Das, MBBS from AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar (2021)