How is bukovinian state medical university for mbbs?

Bukovinian State Medical University, as I tell from my personal experience of studying here, is one of the best institutions in Ukraine for MBBS.

As the general rule goes that you must choose a University which is significantly old, here we’ve Bukovinian State Medical University which is more than 75 years old! Moreover, the faculty here is well experienced and focuses on the individual learning thus being helpful to each and every one of us. The language of instructions is English.

I was, at first, skeptical for how the environment in the University would be; if I’ll be able to study well here or not, are students serious enough and all. But my whole perception changed in the initial days of studying MBBS at Bukovinian State Medical University. Students around me are really focused towards their studies and have already begun preparations for licensing test like NEXT, USMLE, PLAB, etc. There is quite a good competition going around among students to strive in weekly tests and semester exams and that’s so good.

Another aspect worth mentioning of studying at Bukovinian is how you approach the University. Let me explain. I approached the University for admission through a consultancy named Moksh Overseas and they have assured me to reach out to them in case there’s something I need help with while studying MBBS in Ukraine. I had sought their assistance the time I planned to begin preparing for NEXT and they agreed to help. This token of assurance is something you’d find beneficial throughout the duration of your MBBS in any abroad country.

Aarti Yadav, MD Medical Sciences, Bukovinian State Medical University (2023)