How do we go for a research while studying mbbs?

It's always a good idea to explore the research field during MBBS so that you have better clarity about what to do after MBBS.

I tried this once in the first year in biochemistry lab, that didn't work out.Later, our college brought in a Programme named 'Student Mentorship Programme’ under which we could choose faculty with whome we wanted to work and apply for grants, I chose a project under an Orthopedics faculty and like most of the other applicants our my project too got approved and is in progress currently.

I did this mainly to understand the research methodology and see how actually does the Medical research work.

At AIIMS there are several options for research, we just need to talk to the faculty who is working in the field of our interest and most of the times they take us in one or the other projects.

I wasn't very much interested in research during MBBS, so was happy with 1 project, the lack of opportunities was never there. There are also students like Bhavik Bansal who have done multiple projects and can tell more about their experience.

Coming to your question, it might not be the same in your college but I guess talking to the faculty might might help.

Hariom Patel, MBBS Medicine and Healthcare & Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (2021)