How do top medical students study?

In this first section, I talk about how every medical student studies in their own way and how you shouldn’t try to copy someones else just because they are doing well.Every medical student is different. They all put in varying amounts of effort and study in a plethora of unique and interesting ways, some of which I’ll be discussing later in the article.

Due to this variation, there is no one answer to the question “How Do Top Medical Students Study?”. A true answer would require an article that way 10 times the length of this one, covering all the intricacies and methods that top students use to do so well.

Even if I were to create an article of that length, it would still do you an injustice. And that’s because knowing how top medical students revise is not going to get you very far on its own.

Zachary Lukasiewicz, works at Revation Systems