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How do I apply MBBS in China?

There are a large number of MBBS programs in China with different prices and advantages.

First you need to work out what are your targets and what do you want to achieve? What is your budget for the program? I would suggest creating a shortlist of programs you are interested and then can apply to.

Note that many MBBS programs fill up quickly so it is important to apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of being accepted.

When you have chosen your programs you can apply to you need to prepare the application documents, normally you need your passport copy, transcripts, and prepare the recommendation letters, financial support documents and personal statement. Make sure you meet the criteria for the program.

You can contact China Admissions for free advice on which ones to choose and for help applying. We provide free consultation on skype, and then we can help prepare the documents and apply to Universities together so to increase your chances of being accepted. Because of our cooperation with Universities the application fees can also be cheaper than applying to the Universities direct. We also can introduce you to other students from your country so you have a buddy in China before you arrive.

Richard Coward, CEO of China Admissions

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