How did you study anatomy in MBBS?

When you learn anatomy so definitely you will forget bcz it's need to be keep revising & discussing with your friend circle…Actually it has so much of relations , boundaries , blood supply , nerve supply & clinical for every topics…

So…come to point how did i study??

  • Initially when I came to college & I really didn't understand anatomy & I didn't know what I was studying and topics were going far from my head and it happened for 2–3 months …till then in our college upper limb & thorax was done .

  • After that I was learning anatomy & actually I was understanding it…

  • So , I had Vishram Singh textbook , I used it for reading and I made my notes from that & I revised it

  • I had a separate notebook for anatomy diagram…where I used to practice anatomy diagrams

  • I also used youtube channel for watching videos from TCML , ashwani sir ( e-gurukul) , essential of medical sciences & for practical viva voce or Viren kariyaRohit Kumar, MBBS from ESI-PGIMSR & ESIC Medical College and Hospital,Joka-Kolkata (2024)