Have you suffered by studying an MBBS in Tver State Medical Academy, Russia?

I was a student at Tver State Medical University. I left university in 2018 because of some problems that I will discuss below. Here’s my story:I completed my 12th class in 2015 with a good percentage but my score in medical entrance of not good enough to get a medical seat in a government college and I couldn't afford the private universities. My dream was to become a doctor, so I started looking for other options. I came to know MBBS from Russia from one of my relatives. They told me the medical study in Russia is quite affordable and asked me to visit a consultant to take admission in Russia before the time runs out. At that time, we didn't have much access to the internet. So I was not able to do much research about it and my relatives told me that this consultant is very good, they will help me and bla bla that I completely believed them.

So I went to that consultancy with my parents. Their main office was in Delhi. There we met a counselor. She told me about benefits from MBBS from Tver state medical university and said that this is the best medical university in Russia to study MBBS.

Ankit Kumar