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Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad

You want to Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad? For students studying overseas Its understanding that earning money while studying abroad is an advantage compared to other countries.

Studying abroad opens students up to obtaining quality education and pretty much other exciting experience such as getting to meet new people of a different culture and background and relearning things in a new way. However, this rewarding experience can be an expensive one.

For students studying abroad there never seem to be an end to what to spend money on. These expenses includes the cost of the program itself, then comes the cost of accommodation, food, books, travelling and other expenses.

Even if you have some money saved up or have applied for a scholarship or a student loan, it can be difficult to manage and balance your expenses for your studies along with all the travelling you would need to do. All these increase a foreign student’s anxious need to generate a new source of income.

Truth is you need to see your new foreign home as a blessing, because getting a job in this new country will help you hone your speaking skills, while making money immediately.

For foreign students, there are a number of creative ways to generate income and earn money while studying abroad. Let us have a look at a few of these ways:

Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad

  1. Teach Other Students

  2. Find a Part-Time Job

  3. Work During Summers

  4. Work At Home

  • Offer babysitting or pet sitting services

  • Look For Promotional and On-Campus Jobs

  • Sell All Your Unused Items

  • Offer to assist with research work

  • Sell used books

  • Organize sales

  • Create your own travel blog (and keep at it)

  • Cut All Expenses Not Detrimental To Your Livelihood

Teach Other Students

Organizing teaching tutorials for other students is one of the easiest way to earn extra cash. Depending on your skills and field of study, there are students who are struggling with coursework who would appreciate a helping hand.

Firstly, find a subject that you do know very well enough to teach and then look for students who need your services.

Something as simple as having a good SAT | GRE | TOEFL | IELTS | GMAT score can qualify you to teach someone else. Utilize your English and academic skills by finding students who are looking for SAT | GRE| TOEFL| IELTS | GMAT preparation assistance.

You can even ask the professors at your university if they require any teaching assistants — they will be more than glad to oblige.

Find a Part-Time Job

Foreign students in many countries are limited to working full time. Students studying abroad can take advantage of the few hours given to them to make money doing odd jobs while schooling.

It is true that managing school and work at the same time can be quite challenging. It also true that if you want to enjoy a complete overseas experience, then you might want to consider working a few hours every week. Measure out the amount of hours you would schedule out to work in a week and find a suitable part-time job.

Work during summers

Working during the summer can be one opportunity students studying abroad can take advantage of. Summer time offers a perfect time to earn extra cash by doing seasonal jobs or internships.

These students do not have to look far to find suitable places to work. By simply surfing the internet they can find career sites full of job vacancies. Many restaurants, catering companies or summer camps constantly offer seasonal jobs during summer time because they need increased workers especially during this time of the season.

Apart from looking for these seasonal jobs, there are reputable companies that offer internships program constantly. A foreign summer break can be a great time to earn valuable experience while working for a reputable firm and sometimes-extra cash. While the compensation most times is small, the experience would be worth your while in later years when searching for future employment.

Work At Home

The internet place has created a generational rise in a sit home while making syndrome. This is a great way for students living abroad to make extra cash.

Freelance jobs are one of the ways that students studying abroad can earn money overseas. One can create several freelance accounts on freelancing websites such as, and other.

Here they can and find many freelance jobs and projects online. For example, if one is interested in content or academic writing, they can choose to write for various academic writing services.

Offer babysitting or pet sitting services

Babysitting kids have become a big business opportunity with many mothers today having to jostle between having a full time, taking care of the family, having free personal time and taking care of their new born babies.

For students studying abroad looking for a part-time job they can use their weekends to babysit for a family and make extra cash.

Many families in foreign countries are increasingly relying on a babysitter to take care of the children after school if the parents are not available.

For those who have a passion for kids babysitting can be quite fun as you would be paid to look after the kids who are most of the time asleep.

If you think, you can handle a babysitting job then go for it and offer your services. Also, make sure that you are aware of all laws regulating babysitting in that foreign country.

Look For Promotional and On-Campus Jobs

Foreign students can take advantage of the available promotional and on-campus jobs around them. They can make a search for marketing companies most of who are seeking volunteers to help them out at events that they organize all over the country.

They should also look for jobs in their college or university campus. Although on-campus jobs do not pay much, they are so easy that you can get most of your studying done by the time your job is done.

Sell All Your Unused Items: Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad

With the passing of every day, we outgrow the need for some of our personal items. Instead of having these unnecessary items take up useful space in our wardrobe or the back of your travel vehicle, the best thing is to pile everything together and sell them for a buck or two.

So find a weekend market and sell off those wardrobe wasters.

For students who are tech-savvy, online market can be an easy way to sell of your unwanted materials. Some of these online markets include auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and Craigslist.

Friends are also good places to search when looking for interested buyers.

Some foreign students have also make it a habit to trade up their stuff by purchasing an inexpensive item on their own and then sell it to off ,even to their friends, family, co-workers or anybody willing buy them at a little higher value for it.

Offer to assist with research work

Some lecturers and professors are constantly looking for students who are willing to do data entry and other menial task of their research work.

Students studying abroad can offer to serve as assistants to these educators and get paid some good sum of money.

These students should also be careful not to thread the line of becoming someone’s cheap dissertation writer while appearing to assist them with their research work. The former is legitimate while the latter is unethical and can get you expelled.

Sell used books Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad

It might have cost a fortune to buy your textbooks it is a wise course of action to sell them off for cash if you have determined that you are not going to need it for another semester.

Yes, consider raising cash by selling these books to other students who are not able to afford brand-new books. You may also be able to sell these books to used book dealers.

Organize sales

Do you possess any practical skills such as baking, cooking, event management or arts and crafts? Recognize and take advantage of these talents. You can consider setting up a stall and selling your wares.

You can also offer to organize student parties or cater events for them or acquire the rights to screen a movie and host your own private screening, or even organize a concert if you can. Just make sure you are not breaking any laws or rules and regulations first.

Create your own travel blog (and keep at it)

Many foreign students hardly come to consider these as a great way to make extra cash while schooling abroad.

Think about it as a foreign student schooling in a new country you have pretty much acquired a good amount of experience from your travel experience that you can convert into passion for keeping a travel blog. With this, you make money abroad by carving out your own travel blog.

Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad

While there are a lot of study abroad travel blogs, most of them are more personal than professional. If take it seriously, find a niche, produce unique content, and monetize your blog.

Having a blog you will need to write posts on a consistent basis, which can be time demanding as a full-time student. At the same time, you need to note that blogs take several months to a year to start generating revenue.

Although having your own blog does not literally translate that you will Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad immediately but with time it worth your while if you keep at it.

Cut All Unnecessary Expenses

You might need to learn to exercise self-control in your expenditure if you want to have more extra cash saved up for yourself while studying overseas.

Are there some new trendy clothes in the market that you are eyeing to buy? Save yourself, some money but by cutting off on non-essential things. Such items may provide extra sparkle or momentary fame, but once you cut them out of your life, you will find that you save a lot.

Conclusion | Earn Extra Cash While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is really an exciting experience because of the benefit of studying abroad that opens you up to see and explore the world. In this article, we have described different creative ways to make the most out of your new educational journey while finding the joy of being able to earn while learning abroad.

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