Do you recall any interesting incidents that happened abroad because of a language issue?

This is when I was in Germany during 1990.In order to attend an international conference being organized in Marburg University, I went to Marburg and was put in a Studentendorf ( student hostel) for boys and girls both which was vacant due to vacations.My friend and fellow scientist, Dr Surender Singh from Amritsar also from India,requested me to accomodate him also in the same room and I agreed.We used to get up early morning and also take bath in the bathroom.We were unaware of The letters D and H and therefore never cared for the letters marked on the doors of bathrooms.The one with door marked D we used frequently as it was first in the row.

Later ,I came to know that D stood for Damen( Ladies) and H for Herren( Men) and we were enjoying facilities for Ladies! Fortunately,the hostel was not occupied by the students because of the vacations.

Shiv Kumar Chakarvarti,Ph.D., former Professor and Dean Academic at National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (1974-2010)