Do Indians who study for an MBBS abroad feel embarrassed?

If you meant studying MBBS aboard because of not getting a college in India. Then let me tell you my friend, there's many reasons why students move to study aboard when unable to get a college in their native place.

Take my story for example. I studied for NEET for two years during my 11th and 12th, and cleared my exam and got pretty good grades, was alloted colleges too but not AFMC. I took one more Year to study better and gave exam ,same thing happened but this time NEET was nationalised and caused colleges to hike up their fees to the sky. All of this, made me decide I don't want to study in India by spending unbelievable amount of money for an UG degree when I can do the same thing elsewhere.

I don't think there was anything to be embarrassed about in my story. Although my parents were worried as to me moving far away from them but never were they ever embarrassed of it.

Bhushan Singh, Student at Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees (2017-present)