Are there any scholarships available for medical school?

To answer your question more completely, I and the other Quorans would need some more information.

What country are you from? Where do you want to study medicine?

There are two different ways to study medicine. In the United States, medicine is a *post-graduate* degree program. That means you must first complete an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, usually in some field like biology or chemistry.Then you apply to medical school, which takes four years to complete PLUS an internship and other professional requirements after that. People can be around 30 years of age (or older) before they complete medical school in the US and often they are thousands of dollars in debt as a result, since medical school, unlike undergraduate school, gives few scholarships under the assumption that *doctors make a lot of money and will be able to pay back their loans and then make lots of money after that.*

Carla Mortensen, former Instructor at Portland State University