After completing my MBA and working for 2 years I would like to study abroad again and pursue

There are plenty of options abroad, however the information is bit incomplete to advise you properly. We need to know your specialization in MBA as well as your strengths and interests. Also, depends which country are you interested in abroad - US, UK, New Zealand and Australia are popular options. Most courses will require you to appear for either GRE/ GMAT as well as TOEFL/ IELTS.Now the point comes that which course you should chose after MBA and 2 years of experience for a bright career ahead. So dear, If you would like to move on to a higher education level, you can choose a Doctoral program (PhD or DBA usually) in your business field.

Since you want to work outside India, I would suggest you to apply to countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada as they offer permanent residency after the completion of studies your insuran

Supriya Arora, works at Achievers' Point