7 Don’ts when you choose to do your education abroad

1. Don’t choose a country out of affection

Now, of course, when you are choosing a country to study in, it doesn’t make sense to go for a country just because it is beautiful. Sadly many people do this and end up regretting because the place doesn’t prove to be a match for the student.

Thus, do not choose a particular country because you had always wanted to visit that place. But choosing a wrong country you might have to spare your career completely. So see to that you choose a country that matches your country’s disease pattern. Countries like China, Ukraine and Russia have a completely different set of disease pattern.

2. Don’t ignore the process

Every university has a particular process for application and cannot be ignored. You might think that you have a very good chance of getting in. But if you are not in sync with the process, just remember that there might be thousands of equally good students for your seat, right after you.

Have your documents ready, your application fee ready and make sure you are following the university process.

3. Don’t just go with other’s opinion

Choosing to study abroad is a huge decision and is often followed by lots of opinion from people. And this might affect your decisions regarding your course, country, and other things.

Don’t be convinced with what everyone has to say. Make sure you do your research well before making a decision.

4. Don’t rely only on your financial backup

Some countries might be really expensive to live in. So expensive that your prefixed financial strategy might now be enough. Some countries like The UK and USA can get so expensive. So try to choose a country where you can afford to do your MBBS. It is really important.

5. Don’t completely rely on the university to fulfill your goal

You might have your reasons for studying abroad. Most Indians go out of the country to study abroad because Indian institutes do not provide all the things they promise, like good job opportunities.

Now studying abroad might sound very alluring and the probability that the quality of education is better there is quite probable. But that being said, kindly do not completely rely on your university thinking that it’ll fulfill your goal of maybe getting your dream job. Many good universities in Europe do not even provide job opportunities and they are quite upfront about it. So the hard work is still yours.

6. Don’t forget to abide by the chosen country’s laws

The country that you select is not how your native country is. There will be different norms and laws with different people having a different kind of thinking. And not following these laws and norms might be severely punishable.

So make sure you study the country well. Understand how the lifestyle there is. Abide by their rules and regulation and while meeting new people, keep an open mind. And do not be afraid to meet new people.

7. Don’t choose to study abroad thinking it as a trend

Probably the most important “don’t”. Your main reason for choosing to study abroad. Lots of students in India just choose to study abroad because their academic qualification cannot fetch them a good university in India. With more number of universities, the common thought process is that abroad you’ll get better universities where you can get an application. And this has become a trend.

This is true to an extent. But doesn’t make up for a good reason. Don’t think that just because people are going abroad to study, you should do it. It sounds cool but you should take the entire reason for studying abroad more seriously.

These are few tips that you should have in mind before you choose to study abroad. We at Texila American University understand this. We have made sure that you have all the right reasons to choose Texila for your MBBS education.

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